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What physicians can expect if they refer a patient to:

Dr. A Puhl, BSc, MSc, DC
Dr. C Reinhart, BSc, MSc, PhD, DC, RAc


  • A Thorough Assessment – A full clinical history, musculoskeletal physical examination, diagnosis and report of findings.
  • Plain-Film Imaging – If necessary, according to standard guidelines (Canadian C-spine rules, Ottawa ankle rules, etc.).
  • Informed Consent to Treatment – Including treatment options, goals, risks and prognosis.
  • Multimodal therapy – Manual and physical therapies, all applied with an evidence-based approach.
  • Emphasis on Active Care – Active care is an important part of all treatment plans.
  • Outcomes-Based Therapy – Subjective and objective measures used regularly throughout all treatment plans to monitor therapeutic efficacy.
  • MD Communication – Appropriate clinical notes sent to the referring physician. Information for Lethbridge MDs
  • Referral back – If no progress, contraindications to care, or previously undiagnosed pathologies found. Information for Lethbridge MDs