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Eating healthy used to be simply a matter of following common sense. For example, eating less processed food/fast food and consuming more lean meats, fruits and vegetables were known as easy ways to ensure a healthy diet, and they still are. The media however, is quick to highlight the latest fad diets and weight loss products, such intermittent fasting, keto diets, carnivore diet, gluten free products, detox teas, and "fat burner" supplements.

For most people, these “buzz” words are confusing, particularly bearing in mind that we receive mixed messages on a near daily basis. One day we hear that “food x” is good for us, and the next day “food x” is purported to be on “the bad list”. No wonder people are confused about what to eat! We have a solution:

Optimal Health & Nutrition Program with Dr. Christine Reinhart

Doctor Reinhart teaching about nutrition

Whether you want to lose weight, achieve a specific athletic or performance goal, or simply learn how to eat better, this program offers an initial consultation to get to know about you, your food preferences, and what your overall goals may be. After the initial visit a detailed dietary analysis will be completed so that recommendations, aimed at achieving your goals, can be made immediately. Follow-up visits will provide an opportunity to get advice and strategies from our nutrition expert. These help you continue progressing toward your health and lifestyle goals.

This program is designed to educate individuals about how to successfully implement long-lasting, lifestyle changes when it comes to making decisions about food selection, preparation, timing, quality, quantity, as well as tips and tricks to help you overcome any potential roadblocks along the way.

Dr. Reinhart is not affiliated with other commercial weight loss programs or products. As such, this approach is not a “quick fix”; it will teach you how to make food choices that will support the health of you and your family everyday, and in every context. After only a couple of visits, you will feel confident about how to eat at home, at a restaurant, on vacation, and know that you will not fall back in to your old habits. For times when you need a bit of help or advice between appointments, email correspondence and support can also be arranged. If you come with the motivation for wanting to learn and to make a lifestyle change, this program will help you to build the habits and behaviours that create long lasting improvements to your health.

(Note: Only a limited number of patients are accepted for the Optimal Health & Nutrition Program on a first come, first serve basis. Dr. Reinhart does not provide meal plans or recommend dietary advice to treat diagnosed medical conditions.)