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Although still considered a “complementary and alternative” health care profession, chiropractic is increasingly viewed as an effective and mainstream specialty by those in the medical profession (1-3). Despite a progressive entrenchment of chiropractic into the mainstream, only about 25-50% of physicians have formally referred a patient to a DC, and in most instances, the referral was due to patient request (4, 5).  A lack of direct, formalized referral relationships between MDs and DCs ultimately affects efficiency, quality, and patient safety in the healthcare system (6, 7). 

One common theme has been identified as a consistent barrier to MD-DC referals; that is lack of communication. To help overcome this barrier, the chiropractors at Able Body health Clinic have provided information on this site to help physicians understand who we are, how we practice, what they can expect from us in the way of communication and how we can help their patients.

MDs should feel confident when refering patients to Able Body Health Clinic, that their patients will recieve high-quality, evidence-based musculoskeletal care from leaders in the chiropractic profession.

What to Expect If You Refer Patients
Introduction to Chiropractic in Canada
Chiropractic Research

*Note that the full text of any source cited on this website can be made available to medical doctors and other interested parties upon request.


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