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Why Able Body for Chiropractic in Lethbridge?

Able Body Health Clinic’s chiropractors provide personalized care that will help you move and feel great again. Our highly qualified professionals work in your best interests, aiming to exceed your expectations and set the standard for honest, informed, and effective chiropractic care. We offer convenient hours, direct billing of insurance, and a central location in downtown Lethbridge. Come to Able Body Health Clinic for the best chiropractic services in Lethbridge!

Chiropractors at Able Body

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health care profession that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of muscle and joint problems. Our chiropractors, also known as doctors of chiropractic, are experts in the field and consider the effects of muscle and joint disorders on the nervous system. We offer a range of treatments, including spine manipulation (adjustment), soft-tissue manipulation (massage), and exercise. Follow this link for a more in-depth look at the chiropractic profession in Canada.

Why see a Chiropractor?

People who suffer with pain from workplace or motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, stress and even everyday activities seek chiropractic care for their pain relief. Most patients (76%) seen by a chiropractor are being treated for a spine-related problem like neck pain or back pain.

People commonly see a chiropractor for:

Back pain treatment | chiropractic | Lethbridge

The Consumer Reports Overview of Alternative Therapies (2011) found that chiropractic was rated as the most effective treatment for back pain. Chiropractic was rated higher than all other back-pain treatments. The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center survey (2009) indicated that chiropractic was the most satisfying treatment available for back pain.

The Consumer Reports Overview of Alternative Therapies (2011) found that chiropractic was rated as the number one most effective treatment for neck pain. It was was rated higher than all other available neck-pain treatments.

The Consumer Reports Overview of Alternative Therapies (2011) found that chiropractic was one of the top three most effective treatments for headaches. Chiropractic treatment was the highest rated drug-free approach to headache treatment.

**People who include a chiropractor as part of their healthcare team report being satisfied or very satisfied with their care**


Your first visit to the chiropractor:

During your first visit to our chiropractic clinic, you will fill out a brief form that will help our chiropractors understand why you are seeking care. Our chiropractors will then use a variety of diagnostic techniques to determine the cause of your complaint. This might include asking questions about your injury or condition, performing a physical examination, and perhaps ordering X-rays (if necessary). Once your condition is assessed, our chiropractors will recommend the optimal forms of treatment, as well as some alternative options.

What treatment approaches to expect at the chiropractor

 Chiropractors use a combination of treatments to help their patients, including spine manipulation (adjustment), joint mobilization, soft-tissue therapies (such as deep-tissue massage and trigger-point therapy), acupuncture, laser therapy, postural education, and rehabilitative exercises. Spine manipulation is the most common treatment approach used by chiropractors. It involves applying gentle, controlled pressure to the spine to restore its ability to function normally.

Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic services are widely covered under extended health care plans, including Blue Cross, Sunlife, Great West Life and many others. Chiropractic care is covered by motor vehicle accident providers, Workers Compensation Board claims through work, and by most federal programs, e.g. Veterans Affairs, RCMP, etc. The Alberta Provincial Health Care Plan also partially covers chiropractic services for seniors (over 65). This coverage amounts to $25/visit to a maximum of $200/year. The Chiropractors Association of Alberta has a more detailed summary of the insurance coverage provided for chiropractic services in Alberta. We offer direct billing of insurance at Able Body Health Clinic, making it a great place to choose for chiropractic in Lethbridge.

Chiropractic Education

The education of chiropractic doctors is regulated by standards set by the World Health Organization. In Canada, aspiring chiropractors undergo a rigorous educational journey that spans a minimum of seven years of post-secondary education. This includes a three-year undergraduate university degree followed by a comprehensive four-year chiropractic program, which entails over 4500 hours of classroom instruction.

Beyond the classroom, chiropractic students dedicate over 250 hours to the dissection of human cadavers. They also gain practical experience by spending at least 1000 hours treating patients under supervision in a clinical setting. Upon successful completion of their education, they must clear the National licensing exams to earn their license to practice chiropractic in Canada.


Chiropractic care, backed by extensive scientific research, offers effective and beneficial treatments for patients. Techniques such as manual therapies, commonly employed by chiropractors, have been proven to successfully treat conditions like low back pain, lumbar disc herniation with sciatica, neck pain, certain types of headaches, and some joint conditions of the extremities.

Spine manipulation, or adjustments, a key component of chiropractic care, has been the subject of recent research, demonstrating its effectiveness for various conditions. In the case of low back pain, a systematic review in 2010 concluded that spine manipulation could provide equal or even superior improvements in pain and function compared to other commonly used treatments. Medical guidelines even suggest spine manipulation as one of the primary treatments for back pain.

At Able Body Health Clinic, our chiropractors are not only experienced but also actively involved in research to further the chiropractic profession and enhance patient outcomes. With chiropractors holding advanced degrees, a strong commitment to research, and years of experience, Able Body stands as the premier destination for chiropractic care in Lethbridge.