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Cam Middleton, doctor of chiropractic

Dr. Cameron Middleton, BSc, MSc, DC

Lethbridge is home to Dr. Cameron Middleton, as he was born in the city in 1961, and has since spent the majority of his life in the area. Dr. Middleton received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Lethbridge in 1995. In 1998 he achieved a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry, also from the University of Lethbridge. From there, he went on to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2002.

In his free time, Dr. Middleton enjoys activities such as hiking, cycling, and reading.


Dr. Middleton offers the following conservative therapies:

  • Activator low force treatment
  • Soft tissue trigger point
  • Joint mobilization¬†| Lethbridge Chiropractor
  • Rehabilitative exercise prescription
  • Nutritional advice
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • WCB claims