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Opening for Doctor of Chiropractic

Details: Due to high patient demand, we are searching for another chiropractor to join our team. Established practitioners and new graduates are welcome.

This is an independent contractor arrangement within a group practice. Some major benefits of joining our clinic are that chiropractors can maintain the autonomy of their own practice while benefiting from the low overhead that comes from shared overhead costs, and without the concerns of day to day business operations.

Contact Aaron at  [email protected]  for more information.

Opening for Registered Massage Therapist

We are looking for a Registered Massage Therapist to join our team.

We provide great amenities, such as central location, full reception services, on-site laundry, online booking, etc. Moreover, RMTs at Able Body can expect to receive regular patient referrals from our other health professionals.

Eligible practitioners must be graduates of the 2200-hour massage certification (or equivalent), and registered with a recognized massage association.

Contact Aaron at   [email protected]   for more information!

Reach out to us!

We are always looking for motivated health care professionals (i.e. MD, DC, PT, ND, DO, RAc, etc.) who share our vision for high-quality, patient centered care, to join our multidisciplinary team! Contact us for more information about becoming a member of our team.